Monday, May 17, 2010

"Hi Haters, I'm Back Off Hiatus"

Its almost been an entire month since my last post. Wowzers!!! I've obviously been going through a bit. I needed a timeout to recollect my thoughts. As I sit at this bus station, I'm realizing I can't stress what's not happening with my music right now, but rather focus on forward progression. I'm slowly starting to realize my conundrum. Sometimes I've thought to myself that my team is not as strong as it should be. Then I say to myself, "who am I fooling? There is no team." That's not to say there aren't dedicated people to the Shakespearean cause, but there isn't a concentrated effort by everyone to get it off the ground. All I can do is show the naysayers and doubters what they don't see, and paint them the picture.

Time to get my Bob Ross on. Watch me put this nice little star right where it belongs in the sky... Ya dig?


Jay Bird said...

Whats up Shake. I heard you on the Underground R/R damn what was it, last year? You were in great form. I haven't been checkin for you that;s my bad but I think you may need a good one-two combo like Ali to get some air
Skinny jeans was massive and a follow up banger may have got you in orbit. (No helio)
God bless and stay strong

The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

My don't have to remind me who you are. At all. LOL. I've actually created a mental note to give you a shout the next time I'm on the Railroad.

I agree with you, and I've learned from my mistakes. So stay tuned. I've got some goodies coming soon.

BTW, last time I checked, you haven't updated your blog in a minute. What's the deal with that homie?

Jay Bird said...

Meh. Going thru some real difficult times like being estranged from my two little girls. Their mother and I are getting divorced soon (I hope) and they are caught smack dab in the middle. Right now I'm posted up at my mom's crib I'm nursing her back from a recent knee surgery. I'm technically homeless, I've been drifting around place to place, sleeping in my car since March living off unemployment and looking for a job on the comeback.
ANd thanks for the future shout out. Heh. Make a mention of how much I miss my babies and want their mother to stop the drama if you can. Spreading the positivity over that much air may just bring me closer to visiting with them.

The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

With the exception of the divorce,I can relate brother. I'm sorry to hear about the kids getting caught in the mix b/c that sucks. I actually have a song, which I haven't leaked, called "Something's Gotta Give" that details my woes. If you shoot me an email, I'll send it to you ( Hopefully it can help and remind you know, you're not alone. Either way, hold your head as things will eventually get better. This is just a moment in time homie, and it will pass