Monday, March 1, 2010

Growth Spurt

So as most of you can tell, (all 5 of you) I've been mad emo lately. It is what is, but I'm sitting on this new song which I recorded last week that's pretty BIG. It's very different from what I'm accustomed to making, but it comes from a very genuine place. Since I've been working with the homie Silver, I've been very experimental and free creatively. To our benefit, the end results have been incredible and positively received. I'm not sure most people would have expected a "Cruise Control" or even a "Crazy Chick" from me which were 2 of my favorites from the Invasion. I guess sometimes writing behind bars can be like a life behind bars.

Well I'm free, and it's a dope feeling. I've always said the only things I've ever wanted to do in life were draw and make music, but in doing so lately, I'm aware that I'm growing. I'm no longer afraid to express myself artistically. I've always thought of myself as being free, but I'm realizing that I've limited my music to some invisible genre line. It's like boundary lines on a map; sure there's a distinction but crossing over is literally as simple as crossing over. Well I'm planting my feet all over the place these days and covering new terrain. I hope you enjoy the new sights and sounds as much as I do. Uno

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