Friday, February 26, 2010

Foreign Formation

It's interesting. After a really inspiring night, I've realized that the roles people play in your life are not always what you want or expect. I think one person I know served as the conduit for another to enter my life. I know what you're thinking; that's always the case and we're always a few degrees separated from someone. In many regards, it's true. This particular situation is weird because it seems to be one of role reversal.

Tonight, I got a glimpse into the future. A very profitable, lucrative, and all around fun future. I've always daydreamed about this so called "future", and what I saw wasn't necessarily what I envisioned. The end goals and results were the same, but the cast members are different. My boy always says, "it's about having the right combination" and I fully understand. It's just tough when your ensemble cast switches in between season. Think how jarring it was when the "new" Aunt Viv joined "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" or when they replaced the Oracle between Matrix films. It's easy to grow comfortable with what you know, but that doesn't always translate into the "best case scenario". Guess everything happens for a reason.

I'll take this chance to shout-out my "anyway" friends and appreciate their roles in this God directed movie we call "Life". "Get the champagne, get the OJ/ We gonna sip on Mimosas okay/ Welcome..."

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