Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gangstarr: Severely Under appreciated

The Hip-hop community has been in hysteria over the past few days as the rumormill has been buzzing over Guru, of the legendary rap duo Gangstarr. I don't know many concrete facts, but it's known that he suffered a heart attack and later had surgery. Amidst all the drama, social networking sites like Twitter became a hell of a plague as some folks reported homie died. Luckily reports and tweets from sources close to Guru, like DJ Scratch, have reported that he's well. Thank goodness.

I wanted to take this moment to explain a few things because as the title indicates, I believe Gangstarr is underrated, under appreciated, and ignored when conversations of "the greats" come up. When the discussion of classic group albums and consistency arise, I often hear people mention A Tribe Called Quest or even Mobb Deep. Not to take anything away from either group because they great as well, but for the uninitiated, do your homework; Gangstarr went in!!! We're talking Step In The Arena, Hard to Earn, and Moment of Truth, which respectively spawned classics like "Just To Get A Rep", "Mass Appeal", "Dwyck" and countless others. So if the barometer is ATCQ's and M-O-B-B's first 3 releases, why can't we talk Preemo and Guru?

They may not have been the biggest group at any specific moment, but they were always relevant. We need to thank them for introducing us to Jeru, who produced a classic debut, G Dep pre-Diddy, and even Group Home. We all got scared when we thought we may have lost dude, but it's time we show appreciation while he's still here. So let's make a toast to arguably the best rapper/producer duo... THANKS

Shouts to the homie Vic Black... I see you

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