Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pay It Forward

So I wrote my blog yesterday and mentioned letting a friend go, which is tough. I'm torn because I do care about them, but it seems like a one sided friendship. Ironically, one of my favorite movies came on last night, Pay It Forward. If you've never seen it, its about an idea that a person does 3 good deeds which in turn causes a chain reaction, and inevitably changes the world. Simple enough right? I thought it was crazy that I was feeling the way I was, only to be channel surfing and find that movie on. This week's key word = reciprocity

On a side note, I had some crazy dreams last night

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Vee (Scratch) said...

Some times I find that people are really weary when I do favors or extend myself to a perfect stranger. Just because. I often ask for nothing in return but I do tell them that the best way they can return the favor is to do the same for another. But I really do think people are funny, well more or less self-serving. It is a turn-off but some times I understand and can be forgiven. I've been burned by "friends" but in spite of that, I continue to help a cat even though there's nothing coming in return. Call me naive, foolish or whatever but some times there's nothing greater than giving.

I've been doing that before the film Pay-It-Forward, I call that Brooklyn Love as in "spread love the Brooklyn way."