Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Great Times/Bad Times

So it's been a minute. This past weekend we shot my 1st video, which was nuts. According to my dude, Bill Bixbee, "this was no small undertaking that even included a Kraft Food Service table." I think, and I'm speaking for everyone involved, this was more grandiose in scope than anyone anticipated. So I'll take this moment to thank all the models, the most talented, but sarcastic and cynical make up artist ever, the fabulous stylings of 2 stylist, the incredible photographers on boards, my friends who rocked out and helped, and Wavy Navy. Most importantly though, got to shout out the Moon Men, who stepped in last minute to clean up someone else's mess. Thank you all.

This moment was special for quite a few reasons. Obviously, it was my first video, but it also confirmed that "team work makes the dream work". This could not have been done without the cohesive effort of some really special people. So hence, the great times.

Now the bad times...
Lately, I've been reflecting about the people I keep in my cipher. I would like to be believe I've been a good judge of character up to this point, but now I have to rethink that. There's someone who I've held close to me, (not literally) and included in everything I've done. Problem is, as Lauryn would say, "who do I have to be to get some reciprocity." When I look at our relationship, I can't help but shake the feeling that they're an opportunist. As much as I've looked out, I can't realistically say they've done the same. Even worse is the fact that I no longer care. I'm indifferent!! I don't need them, but more importantly, I just don't care or want them around. I can't call if this is just a moment in time, but I'm prepared to potentially lose someone I considered a close friend.

In a recent conversation, I said, "it feels like they are free falling from grace while I'm taking off." Maybe we'll wave to each other during our respective flight patterns.

Either way, I'm excited. To all my people, I genuinely love y'all. Through you guys, many things have come to fruition and I am indebted. To everyone else, middle finger you. 1

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Ms. Liryc said...

Congrats on the new video.. I know its going to be dope. Let me know when it drops so I can look out for it. I just wrote about how sometimes people who you care about aren't the ones you want to be around anymore. What I've learned and its has come late in my life is that you can't please everyone and you can't always count on everyone either. You have to look out for self most of the time. Keep doing what you're doing.. I see greatness and great things for you..