Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Flattered....

that Jay-Z would bite the chorus to my song "King's County". If you don't believe me, listen to his joint "Brooklyn Go Hard". Thanks Jay...its encouraging to know that you listen to my music.

My new name from now on is The Incomparable Shakespeare aka SOURCE MATERIAL!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I wanted to know where can I get the full length song for 4.0? Your skills are wicked:)


The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

haven't released the full version yet, but its gonna be my next single. Its coming soon along with the video. Thanks so much. Its definitely appreciated

Jay Bird said...

Thanks for your words at my page concerning Obama's victory.

I saw the video to BK Go Hard, and between the way it was illustrated and the part he bit from you, there was nothing original about it. His flow on it sounds like Lil' Wayne. But hey, he's a writer not a biter, right?