Tuesday, November 25, 2008


indeed I am


Junie-La said...

eh..we all have our moments; thats why NQM was on self-suspension. But...whats the idea Shake? Im workin' right now on gettin some new beats done now. Just hit me up

DJ Daddy Mack said...

It's ok. The same can be said about my mixtape. lol. Speaking of which, I need those tracks, Shake. lol.

Vee (Scratch) said...

I'm slacking and off my game. Kind of sick, need to go to the dentist . . . maybe next week. And I'm definitely not organized!!

The organization part has been plaguing me for a good minute. I waste time going to work, but I need to pay bills and stuff. Need a seriously long vacation, something like a year off of work.

Fortunately I'm not stressed, but I really need to chill in the sauna, meditate more often, stretch, pilates . . . all of that and then some.

Well at least I'm getting mileage out of my Nintendo DS.

That was a long a** comment but, whatever.