Monday, May 5, 2008

The Official Co-Sign Vol. 1

Ok, I'm an elitists. I don't like many people, and for the most part I run by myself. However, there are couple of talented individuals whose talents and vision I believe in. So starting today, I will periodically "put you on" through the 1st entry in....."The Official Co-Sign"

BK Cyph:

The evolution of street savvy is upon you. Dude, like many of us from the hood, "Never Sold Crack". If you can't co-sign that, go take 9 like 50 and keep trying to prove your street cred. Not only is the song ill, but it comes from a daring perspective that sheds light on experiences most "real" people can relate to. I've rocked with Cyph for quite some time and will continue doing so. I BELIEVE.... Check him out by clicking on the pic above or visiting

Scritch and Scratch:

The dynamic duo of urban art is here. The tandem of Scritch and Scratch (what up Vee) push the conceptual boundaries of pop art while still keeping it (in)credible. They're on to something BIG. So when you're child's bedroom becomes covered in their artwork or your friend has vinyl figures from the duo on display, DON'T act like I ain't put you on. Be sure to check out their site either by clicking the pic or going to
officially CO-SIGNED!!!!

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