Saturday, May 3, 2008


It may be cheesy as all hell, but I ask everyone reading this... all 5 of you, to take a second and appreciate the amaZing things around you. Oftentimes we take for granted the wonderful things which surround us, and fail to realize how they contribute to the bigger picture. So the next time it rains, appreciate each drop because it enhances your next experience of sunshine. If you're a teacher, appreciate the student who gets on your last nerve because they're letting you know that they want your attention. Search out the hidden beauty in something as simple as the wind blowing a plastic bag. I dedicate this to all the amaZing experiences, people, places, and things we take for granted...Thank you


Cypha said...

just wrote a song about my pops and my son! AmaZing- those two lil dudes give me strength

Vee said...

I love running outdoors, particularly Prospect Park. You can't beat nature.

Sophia Lauren said...

Well said homie! I felt that one in my soul...4 real! I'm missing a lot of things and people in my life, but I'm glad to still be alive to appreciate what I have right now!