Thursday, May 1, 2008

Battle of the Brands

A few post ago, I spoke briefly about the impending release of the megaton GTAIV. My question was, could the game help increase sales of either console? Well unfortunately, that info won't be out for another 2 weeks. However, VG Chartz reports that GTAIV sold 2.5 million copies on day 1 with a 6:4 ratio on 360 to PS3. Impressive. Another question I raised was, how would the sales compare to Halo 3, and guess what? I still have no answer. Back in September, Microsoft reported that Halo 3 grossed 170 million in sales. Again, impressive.

As much as I'd like to, I can't compare both figures though because one is in units and the other in $$$. Another problem with a valid comparison is that Microsoft applied the same weird ass philosophy to the game as they do to their console; producing like 9 versions of the same thing. You had Halo limited edition that you would spend an extra $10 on. Then you had the "I'm a fanboy with way too much $$$" version that was packaged with a Master Chief helmet. You also had the "I'll buy a new 360 because I suffered the red rings of death 5x already, but at least my new one will be diarrhea green with a copy of the game" version.

So in due time we will find out which game was "THE" game of this generation. In the meantime, Rockstar will keep fighting off EA's buyout and Microsoft will keep rethinking ways to market their Wii-mote clone without looking like biters. Peace

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