Monday, April 28, 2008

Damn !!! I've been slacking

So here's the deal, I am completely overwhelmed. School is coming to an end, and I trying my best to finish all my assignments. I NEED, correction WILL graduate summa (3.8 GPA or above) I'm also very distracted with music which is not a good look! Either way I'm gonna grind it out, and handle my B-I.

The show on Saturday was bittersweet. The "bitter" was basically the turn out. Not many people came out despite everyone's best efforts to pack the house. However, the "sweet" was the simple fact that the show was DOPE. In fact, REALLY DOPE. From Vitality, to BK Cyph, to Homeboy Sandman, to the Sleepwalkas, to B.O.M.B, the acts were so diversified and talented that it made for an incredible show. It reminded me of golden era hip hop where all the different personalities could co-exist.

So GTAIV dropped today. Obviously pandemonium will ensue, but I can't wait to see the sales numbers.I guess my biggest question is, not whether it will sell a bunch of copies, but is the brand strong enough to sell systems? I'm eager to see if it will have the same impact that Halo 3 had on 360 sales, which was quite minimal. Granted, they were HUGE sales figures for an incredibly short period, but were not prolonged enough to out muscle Nintendo. Hopefully it will boost PS3 sales...hopefully. Sony definitely dug a hole for themselves this generation. I'll save that discussion for another blog entry.

Well that's all on my noggin for now, I'll holla in a minute.


Vee said...

Peace Shakespeare, this is Vee!

Overall I enjoy the show. The diversity definitely helped a whole lot. I'm sure Graphic and Vitality will try to organize a better show next time.

For real though, don't use a vocal track! Ha!
Check out my blog. Along with a friend of mine we post doodles and illustrations. We definitely update the blog on a consistent basis. Soon I will be regularly posting comic strips and working on a graphic novel. But that's another story.

Congratulations in advance when you your graduate program.

Peep this old B.O.M.B. piece.

Cypha said...

Yeah the show was dope no doubt about it! gotta get you the footage.

As far as GTA IV boosting sales for 360- I doubt it, seeing how at this point anyone who wants a 360 basically has it. Plus Halo 3 increased sales so much hard to see GTA topping that. As far as PS3 yeah it could boost sales, but not by much- the word is out and Sony lost this go around.

With that being said I cantw ait to get home tonight, pop in GTA, go straight to St. Pauls and Crooke in BK and shoot shit up! lol

RL said...

We need to set up a simulcast for these shows I can't attend man LOL. How about a Great American Bash'ish Summer

But yea I don't think GTA 4 is gonna increase any sales as far as consoles are concerned. I think the actual game itself is gonna sell through the roof, though i did see a lot of copies still available when I copped it at 12pm yesterday (hmmmmm).

Cypha said...

GTA online is TUFF!