Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Completely Random Thoughts

-I've been slacking on my "updated daily" blog promise
-It baffles my mind when video game developers put little to no effort in their Wii titles, even though the system has the largest install base.
-I'm excited about Mario Kart Wii
-I have to get those Metallic Gold/Black Dunks (if u know where to cop, put me on)
-I'm convinced Vince McMahon is a racist...why are all the black wrestlers on the "C" show, ECW
-Shelton Benjamin has BEEN the truth
-Anyone remember Bad News Brown?
-"No Air" by Jordin Sparks is easily one of the best produced & written songs I've heard in a minute
-Yeah, I LIKE "pop" music
-The era of the "Hip Hop Superstar" is behind us....that sucks
-Kids don't have many rappers to look up to & emulate
-A future of lil' wannabe Soulja Boys = my death
-"FRESH" is on Itunes & I'm super excited
-All my boys are getting married, and I'm like "congratulations" while concurrently re-evaluating my life.
-I guess that's it.

Like Sadat said, "One L to the O-V-E"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bad News Brown vs. Jake the Snake....classic!

-John Avelluto