Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm a Fanboy

You should all know by now, I love videogames. With my world being as chaotic as it has been, I haven't been able to play or cop anything new. Regardless, here's my list of hot Wii titles that need to be copped

Okami-A beautiful and stylized cel shaded game that is heavily influenced by Legend of Zelda, but trumps it in just about every least that's what they say.

Boom Blox- I swear Spielberg and EA set out to create the next great puzzle game, and word around the net is, they have. I think Tetris finally has competition.

Wii Fit- Once the world gets wind of this, Nintendo will officially become leader of the free world. The Wii & DS are practically printing money at this point, but in a few weeks even Oprah and the View will succumb to their magic spell. I can put money on that

Mario Kart Wii- Need I say more?

If you do own a Wii absolutely owe it to yourself to buy NO MORE HEROES!!!!

Oh, remember my GTA vs Halo talk a few post back? Well results are in and GTA IV is the victor!!! 500 million in sales vs Halo's 300 million. Quite staggering. However, we must remember that Grand Theft is multi-platform title while Halo is a 360 exclusive.

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Vee said...

Video games trump the movie industry, probably even pRon (I doubt it, porn always wins). 500 million sales for a brand in a matter of weeks is phenomenal.