Friday, May 9, 2008

Where Has The Feeling Gone?

I've been aware for quite sometime that something is missing. From where you may ask? Everywhere. I feel like we are desperately searching for something "real". At this point, people attach themselves to just about anything they can. Everyone is chasing to be involved, included in, participate in, or simply trying to claim something. Although technology has brought us closer together, it simultaneously has created this divide and left us searching for anything tangible.

Music doesn't have the same warmth it once had. Movies, for the most part, must be huge blockbusters to keep our attention. WTF is going on. Somebody, anybody....tell me


Vee said...

Forget blockbuster films, there are a lot of film being made that are incredible. I still catch the blockbusters but many independent films have a lot to offer. Unfortunately they do not stay in the theaters for weeks.

There's a whole lot out there, bro.

Anonymous said...

Have you read my facebook quote?

Todays "environment" offers, information...its very confusing and overwhelming.....long gone are the days of definitive statements in the this age of pluralism. The new systems mask their agendas in these "options"...make you believe that there is choice or overwhelming you with spectacle. With so much information, it is easy to get lost...keep your ideals simple and don't settle for the options. There is alot out there...its just hard to pull out of the pool.

-John Avelluto