Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Drunken Ramblings

this post is exactly that....

After venting a bit in my last post, I find myself being a groupie to the early sounds of Rich Harrison & Amerie. They were such a great combo. Everybody wanted their sound after "Why Don't We Fall In Love" . We literally saw J.Lo, whose career was already on the downturn, and Beyonce jack their swag. Great for Rich, who produced all the joints, but bad for Amerie. I still love her though. She's like 1 of 5 girls without much "ass appeal" that I've always adored.

On to other news: I had a great day with my longtime homie Blaise. If you haven't already, check out her entertainment law website, She's smart, business saavy, and knows her $h!t! If you need any legal entertainment help, holla at her.

Enough of my Chrissy Snow infomercial BS. After a little thought about my last post, I realized I didn't cover everything I intended to. I forgot to say that if you took offense to my previous blog post, it's meant for you, you PINK leapoad print panty wearing mother suckers. Grows some balls, gain some intestinal fortitude, and make something happen. Time is precious BITCHES!!!! That is all for the night.

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