Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Architect of My Happy Ending

First off, I love my people. I don't mean race or even humanity for that matter when referring to "my people", but rather my friends. They're AMAZING!!!

So late last night I'm on the phone with one of my favorite artist friends, Nakia Henry, whom you should remember from my most recent "Official Co-Sign". As we're discussing our music careers and the nature of being creative, she makes an incredibly insightful comment that borders on philosophical and downright genius. She says, "we're all creators in that we shape the world around us. Whether good or bad, we have a hand in every part of our daily lives." Now as poignant as that statement is, I already knew this and most introspective people do too. However, what followed, blew my mind. She began to differentiate being "a creator" vs "a creative". As artists, regardless of aesthetic, we are "creatives", and unlike "creators" we naturally assume accountability for the lives we lead. At least that's how I interpreted it, but let me explain further...

The difference isn't just accountability, but more so the fact that "creatives" relish, appreciate, and embrace the control over their world. This translates into and ultimately explains where our art comes from. We aggressively shape our universe through art! It also answers why we're moody when we're not proactively creating or honing our crafts. Deep right? I know....

So here's my half-ass attempt to make some sensible correlation between the post title and my new philosophical finding. Whether a "creative" or a beloved talentless counterpart, we both shape our own existences. On all accounts, we're the same. However, as a "creative", my happiness in life is directly tied to my music. In mathematical terms, if 1 + 1 = 2, then Shake/"creative" + music/(insert random art aesthetic) = happiness/Shaky in Wonderland. Excelsior!!!

If I've lost you at some point, don't worry because that was partly my intent. If you've extracted anything from it, even better. In great allegorical fashion, the moral of the story is, we shape our world. As Lyor Cohen would say, "If you're a rapper, rap!" Do whatever you love and own every moment of it because we are indeed the architects of our happy ending.

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