Thursday, May 20, 2010

The 1 Sentence Movie Reviews

Between recently subscribing to Netflix, whose streaming movie catalog is dope, and going to the theater, I've been catching up on a lot of movies lately. So to keep it brief, I'll give you my ... 1 sentence reviews

Out Now:

Nightmare on Elm Street:
The horror franchise reboot's scariest moments don't come from the cheap scares or hack and slash violence, but rather the way it deals with the taboo and sensitive subject of pedophilia.

Iron Man 2:
After seeing this twice, I'm convinced that while mildly entertaining, it doesn't outdo the original and the novelty has almost all but worn off.

Date Night:
A surprisingly funny movie about a couple trying to break the monotony of married life which leads to a far fetched date that occasionally discusses the issues we've all encountered in our own relationships.

Netflix and On Demand:

The Blind Side:
A heartwarming re-imagining of Different Strokes applied to football, that Disney and Mrs. Garrett would be proud of.

The Wackness:
A cool coming of age story set to the tunes of mid 90's Hip-Hop that details a teen drug dealer's pursuit of a hot girl, who happens to be the step daughter of his newly befriended therapist/customer.

Sunshine Cleaning:
The once popular girl in high school realizes that in adulthood, her counterparts have become more successful, and decides to start a bizarre cleaning business to raise money for her son's tuition.

Julie and Julia:
An entertaining film that simultaneously tells the story of an aspiring writer turned blogger that dedicates herself to doing every recipe in her idol, Julia Child's 1st cook book, and Child's own rise to fame.

and there you have it, my 1 sentence reviews!

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