Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome: New Challenger

If you ask me, I'm ready

I've been challenged. Not so much in the conventional sense of competition, but I've been forced to look at myself. Realizing that I have to be a reflection of what I'm attracted to, whether in terms of lifestyle, accomplishments,  women , or whatever, I've accepted the challenge.  I'm no longer in pole position, and anything other than first is unacceptable. When you have the skill set and resources available to be successful, there is no justifiable reason you shouldn't be. This is not arrogance speaking, but rather inspiration.

I've realized that I have many ambitious friends around, but what good is ambition without action. As kids we were ambitious, but as adults the playing field is different. It's completely up to us to decide if our pipe dreams come to fruition or not. So I ask you, all 5 of you, are you putting in 100%? Over the past few months I've began to grind in an entirely different way. There has literally been too much time wasted, and I refuse to let it happen anymore. 

There's no more "down time" for me. As I spoke to my boy this past weekend, there was a moment where our conversation shifted to one of discipline. I said, "if we don't do it now we'll never do it". He simply agreed. Needless to say, our weekend became one of the most eventful in recent memory. It's as simple as putting yourself "out there" and showing a commitment to succeed. Are you ready? If not, bon voyage... 

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