Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Thoughts: Life is Great!!!!

-Ultra "Joy" is the realest and will knock you out
-The Armory Show was incredible and deserves it's own post, which I may do. It was a bit overwhelming, but dope nonetheless
-anything impromptu is fantastic, whether photo shoots or jam sessions with amazing musicians
-Thank you to everyone that showed an immense amount of love last night. I had the time of my life
-Congrats to the homie Anthony for dancing at The Oscars. It was great talking to you
-never underestimate the impact you've had on people's lives
-Biggie's spirit lives on; "We'll always love Big Poppa"
-Can't wait to work with the homie RTNC tomorrow
-To my new homie, you've inspired me and don't know it. Thank you
-I'm sitting on Cloud 9
-"don't ever forget the moment you began to doubt/transitioning from fitting in to standing out"
-That's where I'm at

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