Friday, March 5, 2010

Official Co-Sign Vol. 9: Nakia Henry

So it's finally returned after a prolonged hiatus. The newest inductee into my coveted "Co-Sign" Hall of Fame is one of my favorite songwriters as well as collaborators. It's difficult to describe the Detroit native, Nakia Henry, but I'll try my best. She's one part Erykah Badu, another part Bobby McFerrin, one part Negro spiritual, and wholly "afromantic". I like to think of her as the soul/sensual/funk hybrid. Her vocal quality is equally beautiful as it is unique. Her perspective is inherently genuine, and it's obvious the songs come from real life experiences like "Gotta Remember You're Not Mine" and "Think Again" which openly discusses human insecurity. Her debut album, "Remember Me", is available on most online music stores and you can catch her incredible performances all over NY. Do yourself a favor and get up on it

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Shake is a beast... I'm sure you know that already if you're on his site... GIVE THANKS.

I love you