Sunday, January 10, 2010


I'm sick of it...sick of the drama, the BS, and all the self righteous garbage. People have the audacity to try to tell me about "consideration" and "courtesy", yet they disrespect my family. They have the audacity to forget the events of yesterday, and call you "UNgrateful" today. They make claims about all they've done for you when you never asked for anything. Meanwhile you've done for them too. More importantly, if your acts were really genuine, they would never be thrown back in any one's face or a means to something else!!! Furthermore, the few things I did ask for, they completely failed at or bailed out on. Oh, let's not forget people's philosophical BS and double standards which never apply to them. Oh goodness... Some people have the audacity to never accept accountability for their actions or their consequences. Keep living in your own self righteous head though because the truth is, if things were even remotely as bad as you make them seem, you would've bounced.

Now let me take a moment to get on my introspective/Dr. Shake tip. Yes, I've made mistakes, and yes, I've done wrong. However, I've admitted to it, and I'm working towards changing. The point is , everyone knows (degree or no degree) that admittance is the first step in any type of recovery!! So if you egocentric bastards keep absolving yourself of wrongdoing or participation in wrongdoing, you'll keep yielding the same results!!!

So if anything, people need to ask themselves "why?" Why didn't he/she..? Why didn't they want to..? When you can answer those questions honestly, maybe you'll get to the real "questions of character"? The bottom line is people need to grow up. The name calling, the Facebook stupidity, and the ignorant voicemails all need to stop. If there is anything I've truly learned, it's that there are other perspectives besides our own. You may not like them, agree with them, or even want to hear them, but you should respect them because we're not always right!!

I'm sorry I'm venting y'all, but I've endured all types of fuckery most people would never tolerate. I've personally witnessed incredibly questionable acts of fuckery, and let them slide. However, when you mess with my music... it's over. That's my livelihood. Funny enough, I'm not mad. I will still get it...with or without you!!!

I could easily keep going, but I'll stop here. 1

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