Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Such A Beautiful Thing....

The other night I was out with my dude and his future wife (call it prophecy). It was very interesting to just observe them and watch their interactions. Now I'm not one to put anyone's B-I out there especially when I don't know the deal. So this blog is merely my observation. On one hand there was a visible conflict, but what was less conspicuous to the naked eye, was the love behind the pride. As most couples do, they were going through something. What made me smile though was their subconscious willingness to let go of whatever issue for a period of time and dance together. It wasn't even the act of dancing itself, but the exuberance in both of them as if they had forgotten there was something wrong in the first place. For that short period of time, I literally witnessed pride disappear, love creep in, and love become tangible. BEAUTIFUL!!! I interpreted that as meaning their issue wasn't an issue at all. They're momentarily going through something, but they'll get through whatever it is. We all hurt from time to time and go through our thing, but when we search deep down, we can find truth.

I briefly spoke to my dude afterwards and gave him some advice. Really..that's all. There are moments when God speaks to you, and you're cognizant of all the small tings. This was one of those moments. It's weird though because my brain works in a very associative manner. Needless to say, I started thinking about all sorts of stuff.... relationships, friendships, family, life, mistakes made, and too much to talk about in one post. What I can say though, is that love is a beautiful thing.

While in the studio earlier today, I was building with my homie and he said something that really resonated, "Love is truth".


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