Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dazed and Confused

As I pack my bags and prepare to spend the holidays with my sister, I'm not very festive. As I look back on '09, I'm actually sort of sad. On one end, I saw my visibility skyrocket because of a controversial music video. I recently dropped a project which is receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback within days of it's release. Best of all, I have a new nephew. That's alot to be happy about. On the other end however, I see fragments of past friendships and relationships that defined a huge part of my decade. Friends became associates and significant others became strangers. It's tough...

I guess I have to embrace this new space I'm in. I see glimmers of light breaking through the door, but I'm frightened to go in. I ask myself, "Have I become complacent and a shell of my former self?" Most people that have known me for a while would probably describe me as an outgoing, ambitious, and free spirited individual. However, I don't know where or when that changed.

Now I find myself re-learning things I once knew. I'm re-learning how to be hungry. I'm re-learning how to love. I'm re-learning alot...

As I write this, I'm suddenly overcome by a feeling of optimism. This is funny... comical even. What started out as a somewhat depressing and random post has slowly morphed into something inspirational; at least from this writer's perspective. Deep down, I'm excited for what the future holds. I've seen more success with the aforementioned projects in a few months than I've seen in a long time. I went out recently, and was reminded of the lasting impression I left on very influential people. If anything, I had an incredible weekend with 2 people that reminded me of what happiness, love, and kindness look like. Thank y'all. It's on.

I need to pay attention to my own music more often because "I've got a ticket to success and it's one way... I'm taking off with no baggage." I just needed to vent...bare with me

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