Saturday, November 21, 2009

Moral Dilema

Today my character was tested. I received a message inquiring about someone I know, and I became the gateway to an opportunity for them. However this person and I no longer speak, and I believe their most recent actions have proven to be quite juvenile. Long story short, it was an issue of our personal drama versus their professional advancement. Without going into detail about either situation, I did what I felt was right.

I think deep down, my issue wasn't whether or not I would help, but would they ever do the same if put in a similar situation. Based on their recent actions, or lack thereof, I'd have to say no. However, as an adult, I'm aware that you shouldn't be motivated by returns on your personal/emotional investments, although most people are. In my previous entries, I've recently discussed searching for clarity and happiness while finding balance by following my instincts. I'd be lying if I said a part of me didn't think twice about shutting the situation down, but I knew it would be wrong. This is easily a scenario where my anger and resentment could have gotten the best of me, but I didn't let it. I say all of this because it taught me something about myself during an incredibly trying time.

By no means am I trying to pat myself on the back, nor do I feel I'll earn doble karma points for my actions. In this game we call life, we should do what is right because it is, and I was reminded of that today. This particular indiviual will likely never come across this post or even know how intergral I was in helping them get one of their biggest "looks" in recent memory. The thought that they'd probably never acknowledge or appreciate my role in this whole thing is a bit unsettling, but I'm happy for them nonetheless.

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Ms. Liryc said...

This is how you know you're growing up and evolving as a human being... As children we're petty and say things that will most likely harm another individual. But you have done the opposite of that and that's how you know you're becoming a better person.. Growing up is knowing when to let things go and let things be and understanding that things happen for different reasons and not holding on to it..

Though you said that you don't think you should get a pat on the back for this I do want to slap you a *high Five* for being a super individual..

Good Job Shakey!!