Monday, November 16, 2009


For some time now, I've been very aware that certain thing in my life aren't straight. Not to say that's it's disorganized or in complete disarray, but I know some areas need tweaking. I think back in February I began my expedition to find both clarity and happiness. Unfortunately, some people were hurt along the way. It was the furthest thing from my intentions, but I've fully come to realize that you can't run away from your conscience. That little voice contributes so much to our character, and it won't lie to you. You can fight it, try to supress it, deny it, create alternate rationalities, and/ or continue with the fuckery, but that "truth" is inescapabale. So after doing all of the aforementioned, I've decided to attentively listen.

More and more I find myself following my gut. There have been quite a few instances where the people closest to me have disagreed with my actions, but no one is more aware of my feelings than I am. So instead of running away from those gut intstincts, I embrace them and run towards it. I'm in a different place now. I'm no longer in denial.

"I've got a ticket to success and it's one way. My plane is on the runway... I'm taking off with no baggage."

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