Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Missing You

Today has been a crazy day to say the least. Around 12 AM I got great news. Somewhere around 9 AM, I got even more fantastic news. Finally around 12:30 PM, I received quite possibly the best news of the day; my sister was ready to have the baby. Congrats to her, my brother-in-law, and the entire family because we have a new edition. As I sat in the hospital room with her though, I couldn't escape a feeling of emptiness. It was joyous on so many levels, but for me, it was bittersweet. Something was missing.

By no means was I going to be the kill joy and ruin the moment, but I was definitely missing my mom. There have been many moments where I wished she was alive to simply witness, partake in, and be around for including my sister's wedding, my graduation, and many lesser things like meeting my girlfriends. However, today must have been one of the toughest. My mom would always say "I just want to see you grow and become a man", but unfortunately she never could since losing her at 16. In some round about way though, I think that same growth she wanted to see in me is directly correlated to being around for the birth of her grandchildren. I was overcome by such strong feeling, I literally held back my tears. The only person I knew that could relate to me was either my sister or my boy Soo Kim. Soo Kim couldn't be reached and obviously I wouldn't bring it up to my sister, but I can't help but think that similar thoughts ran through her mind.

I'm not trying to put a damper on a wondrous occasions because I'm as ecstatic as anyone. I'm happy for my sister and grateful for the personal sacrifices I feel she has made for me. I think I'm simply reminded of my mom at a time like this, and I wish she was still around.

Mommy, I love you. I miss you. I know you're still watching over me and guiding us, but there are moments I wish you were here in the physical form. I think writing this will make me cry, but XOXO. I love you. Just know that I'm cognizant of your presence and blessings

As for you Jason, "Despite my stress dude, I'm plotting my next move cause I gotta win for my newborn nephew." Uncle Shake has got you.


Jay said...

homie, this drop is beautifully [and as you said] bittersweet..the last paragraph had me choked up..i've never been through a loss as you have so theres nothing i can really say or do except wish some relief for ya..i'm prayin' for some comfort for u as well and know that shes lookin' down upon ya smilin' [of course she would]...every thought and every bit of that heartache is seen homie..never forget that..but im wishin' u the best from MD and congrats on the new lil homie :-)

The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

thanks Jay. I'm good though. I was really reminded of her absence, but I'm better. We're all really happy too. Thanks for the well wishes. It's really appreciated. How have you been?

Anonymous said...

Damn Frank,

This post made me tear up. You've come a long way, no? Congrates on the new addition to the fam. Stay up, d.Bourne

Anonymous said...

First things first. Congrates on the new addition to the fam... Reading this post, I couldn't help but be reminded of how talented you are. And how, just a little part of me had half your initiative. Stay up, d.Bourne