Sunday, August 23, 2009


Just a week ago, I began uploading the "Skinny Jeans" video to various sites. I always thought it would have done well, but I'd be lying if I said I knew it would have as many views as it does now. Intially I had set a benchmark, which I won't reveal, in my mind. However, I met an entirely new benchmark yesterday which was completely unexpected.

So get this... As I get on the train, I take a seat. Instantly the person next to me says, "that skinny jeans video is hard." I was taken aback as I began having a conversation with a complete stranger. It was bewildering, flattering, but also a sign that the hood is watching. I write this to say, your measure of success shouldn't only be stats. Obviously the video is circulating the net, but I felt like that single moment was the first real indication that we were having an impact. So to homie, that taught me something by simply recognizing me, thank you because you definitely made my day. 1


Jay Bird said...

Yeah, the video is making a mark. I heard you spit it rough on the railroad last week. That would've been a good one to tape. Tape, haha. I haven't taped the railroad in 8 years. Keep grindin Shake, Twenty Ten might just be your year,


The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

I know this is mad late....very late, but I have the video footage which should be up soon. The audio is also floating around the net. Thanks though. Trust when i say my next project is nuts.