Monday, June 1, 2009


As you may all know, my personal life is oftentimes in disarray. Despite searching for order amongst the chaos, I can legitimately say I'm inspired by music. Specifically Hip-Hop. Nowadays, I rarely listen to anything other than "true School" Hip-Hop, but lately Drake & Asher Roth have been able to take me to this introspective place I haven't been in awhile.

Asher for instance, has this incredible record titled "His Dream" which is about his father's sacrifices which in turn afforded him the luxury of pursuing music. Its beautiful, but most importantly it makes me think of my sister and all the sacrifices she has made for me since our mom passed. Just the thought alone makes me tearful, guilty, yet eternally grateful. Thank you Antoinette.

Drake's "Successful" had me near tears a few nights back because it took me somewhere and reminded me how much I LOVE Hip-Hop. As a kid, I never wanted to be a cop, a firefighter, or an astronaut. All I ever wanted to do was draw and rap...literally. This song spoke to me, and the fact I never let the pressures of a conventional life interfere with my personal calling.

Its amazing when music can not only make your body move, but also your heart. I'm inspired!!!

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