Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Opinion on The Dark Knight

First and foremost, it was a great film. Great in the sense that it was enjoyable. Being that I saw it so late, I heard many rave reviews from people that saw it opening weekend. I heard things like, "Its the best comic book adaption ever", "The writing was excellent", and "Its sets the new standard by which all comic books movies must follow". After being told things like that, I couldn't help but be excited. However....yes, however, after seeing it, I don't feel like it lived up to the hype.

Was it good, yes. Maybe even great, but is it truly leap years ahead of Iron Man per se? NO! Again, this is just my opinion. By all means I thought it was dope, and without doubt, Heath Ledger was chilling as the Joker. It simply felt like a sequel to an already well written comic book film. You have to understand, I thought the 1st installment did wonders in terms of character development and maintaining the authenticity of the source material, while still delivering a great film. In my opinion, it did a better job than all the previous super hero movies that came before it. This one did exactly the same, and the actors seemed more comfortable in their roles. The addition of Ledger to the cast enhanced the overall mood, and his performance was truly exceptional.

I guess the questions remain; Am I knocking the film based on false expectations? or Is it truly the epic sequel that does the 1st justice? To both, a resounding yes. I know it may sound like I'm contradicting myself, but I'm not. Its dope and well worth your money, but not life altering. While the movie succeeds in many ways, it doesn't transcend its genre and catapult itself into Oscar nom territory. Just be warned, its on the long side. Well the 1st was too, but it does what its supposed to very well.


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Vee (Scratch) said...

I definitely here you. I don't want to be Mr. Cynical and say that part of the hype is manufactured but a majority of the buzz began BEFORE the film was screened to the public. Heath Ledger's untimely departure and his face plastered in the tabloids prior to his death probably helped the marketing team. I didn't see it yet but I definitely will. I heard this film drags on some scenes.

Batman Begins was 2hrs 20min. I didn't think it was that long, yeah the "first" one was really good.