Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tooting My Own Horn...

Yeah, just a lil' bit. So I was listening to my Ipod, and a song of mine comes on. The thing is, as I was listening to my own lyrics, I thought to myself, "I went in". Its a song called "Jewels" featuring my dude, Jeff "Get A Mill" Trills. As cliched as the title is, I feel that the lyrics are poignant and need to be heard. So I've put a zhare link where you wonderful blog readers can listen, download, and learn. Moreover, I figured I'd transcribe the 1st verse...SO ENJOY!!!

When mommy died, I learned that life was short.
When daddy left, I learned to fight for yours.
I learned that everything in life would cost,
but where was my life support?
I had an old man tell me, "better fight for a cause
You don't wanna fight in a fight that's not yours.
You don't wanna die in a fight just because..
You don't wanna know what life's like in a morgue.
Be careful when you write them bars;
Street dudes quick to write you off,
Question what you say and go right to the source.
I know dudes like YOU, right behind bars.
You don't wanna know what life's like in OZ.
Label owners, they WILL write you off.
They don't like your type, you're like a boss"
He took a slight pause, and said, "The World is Yours"
I said, "Whooo"



Rob said...

Wow Trillz is BACK!!!!!!
This joint is very Fresh... I co-sign!

The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

good look fam. This is a throwback though...we did that a minute ago

Anwar Billy said...

this is an important piece. "we went from slavery, chains and whips. now we on the block after chains and whips". couldn't have said it better myself

The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

that's why I had to throw it up. I think it makes important statements relevant to the hood

thatgirl said...

wow. thats sick son. i love your brain!