Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've Been Slacking...Again

so here are some random thoughts
-I'm working on a new mixtape, which you'll be getting snippets from very soon
-I have a newfound passion for Hip-Hop again (sometimes my intensity wanes but only because I'm uninspired. Right now, I wanna crush the competition)
-My new freestyles and songs will reflect the aforementioned mindset
-I have all these new games, but no time to play them
-I thought post graduation, I would be chilling...I'm not
-I can't take this damn heat wave in NYC...it's unbearable
-Tonight is game 3 of the NBA Finals, and I think it will determine the rest of the series
-Shouldn't EA include Lakers vs Celtics with Live 09 this year (it makes sense)
-So Take Two is gonna merge with Ubisoft as opposed to EA; very strategic power move
-Apple is getting into the game industry
-Lil' Wayne is good, but why is eveyrone jumping the bandwagon now?
-Doesn't Alicia Keys look bananas in her new video?
- I'm done for now & promise to be back sooner than later

1 comment:

Vee (Scratch) said...

APple has been hinting at getting into gaming for years. I don't think they will ever really get into hard. Besides, the new iPhone . . . is a killer.

I really feel sorry for Kobe because he really needs some one to step up. Although the Lakers welcome any extra help, especially from Vujacic coming off the bench. It really should be coming from someone with the last name Odom or Gasol. The Celtics should have double-teamed Bryant during the last minute and a half and force some one else to make the shot. Oh well.


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