Thursday, June 26, 2008

Say What You Want, ....

but NINTENDO is that deal. If not, why is everyone trying to follow their lead. So I've grown up playing games since Atari 2600, and I believe I've seen everything that games can offer. For the most part that constitutes prettier graphics, and not much else. So despite how many naysayers argue against the Wii because its less powerful, doesn't have a good online infrastructure, and doesn't have a storage solution, why in the world are Sony and Microsoft copying everything the little white box does. Sony now announces a channel that will feature wheather and streaming news....great, I've had that on Wii forever now. Sony & Microsoft are both planning to introduce motion sensing remote like devices...great, mine came in the box with my console. Microsoft is planning to announce new cartoon like avatars for the 360....great, I did that when I first booted up my system. Point is, they're too late to the party. No one expected Nintendo to be market leader, but if you're like me, you knew it was gonna happen. Look at their track record...

-they resurrected the console market with the NES & Mario Bros.
-They were the 1st to do 3D graphic on a console with SNES' FX Chip & Starfox
-They were the 1st to introduce rumble with the N64 & Starfox 64
-They introduced the analog stick with N64
-They were the 1st to do lock on targeting, which is now used in every game, with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
-They were the 1st to introduce motion sensing devices as inputs through the Wii

They have always innovated and when they do so successfully, the market follows. I'm not mad because they suffer from "Mii Too" syndrome, but at least acknowledge Ninty's contributions to this generation of gaming.

On a side note, here are 10 Wii games everyone needs to play or OWN!! (Rob Love, this is for you)
1. No More Heroes - the best pure action game you'll find & its hilarious
2. Zack & Wiki - an experience only possible on Wii, & it'll make you feel stupid too
3. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption -will change how you feel about FPS controls
4. Super Mario Galaxy -proves the Wii is no slouch graphically & it feels natural
5. Wii Sports - a showcase of the potential in motion sensing
6. Boom Blox - simplicity at its finest & you don't need guns to blow things up
7. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - it makes conventional sports games feel archaic
8. Wii Fit - a glimpse into the future of gaming
9. Rayman Raving Rabbids - shows off numerous ways you can manipulate the remote
10. Resident Evil 4: Wii edition - you need to play a conventional game with new controls to understand the difference

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