Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Its a MARVEL-ous Summer

So I finally saw the Incredible Hulk last night. I can't help but think that these super hero movies are getting progressively better because of a conscious effort to focus on the narrative as opposed to the special effects. When these flicks debuted back in like '99, I thought they were all pretty cheesy, and were simple showcases for how great CG had gotten. Fast forward to the summer of super heroes (Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, Hellboy ,and we can't forget Mr. Smith's Hancock), and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed.

Robert Downey Jr's performance of Tony Starks was incredible, and quite possibly the best we've seen in a Marvel adapted film. As for the Hulk, I thought it was especially dope how they paid homage to both the comic and the 80's Lou Ferrigno series. Granted there were moments of so-so CG, but the single defining moment for me, was the scene with Betty and Hulk sitting in the rain. As the shot was framed to only show Hulk's bicep and pec, which dwarfed Liv Tyler as Betty, I thought "DAMN that looks real." Aside from the visual tech candy, the movie was good. Maybe not AS good as Iron Man, but good nonetheless. Its definitely a huge step in the right direction, and without spoiling the ending, the Marvel film universe is looking quite promising. CO-SIGNED!

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RL said...

The best thing Marvel did was get their own studio and pump the flicks out of their backyard. Now we're going to see the comics back stories and feuds come to life, which as a comic book fan myself...I'm geekin!!!

Hulk & Iron Man get a huge co-sign from me.