Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Corner Men

Ok, I know there's been a huge time lapse since my last post. I guess I was on sabbatical. I'll be sure to update all the previous "NEW Music Tuesday" posts or you can alternatively visit my official FaceBook fan page. If you're viewing this from my fan page, then subscribe to my blog!

Back to the topic at hand. I'm in a space where I feel like I've completely gotten over any fear of failure or whatever remnants that may have existed. So while I'm still sensitive about my art, I'm prepared for the haters, negative comments, or just out right ignorance. The response to the "Skinny Jeans" video taught me that you have to allow people to voice their opinion, just as I had voiced my own. Previously when I'd see negative comments on a blog site, I'd always be inclined to respond. Not necessarily to defend myself, but to offer perspective. Nowadays, not so much. I've noticed I have a bunch of "corner men"; anonymous people that come to my defense and fight the "good fight". Just yesterday the 1st 2 comments on my 2dopeboyz post were blatantly ignorant, but those that followed were not only positive, but addressed the fuckery.

I say this because it's all meanigful. People are taking sides, and the lines are being drawn. The tides are changing, and as the homie BK Cyph told me, "people will see the difference". So to all my anonymous corner men, thank you. I appreciate it. The "undisputed" champ is HERE!!!!

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