Friday, July 23, 2010

The Future Is Now!

I had a great day. Incredible in fact. Thursday, July 22/Friday, July 23rd will be remembered for many reasons. It wasn't debauchery filled or grandiose in any particular way, but it all felt RIGHT. I checked my barber, who's like an older brother to me, and we had a very revealing and genuine conversation. Jon Solo and I performed a song from our upcoming project to an incredibly receptive audience. The setting could best be described as AOL Studio Sessions meets MTV's "Unplugged". I later went to my boy's going away party. Throughout the night, I saw a bunch of old friends and met a few cool folks as well. The interesting thing about it all though, is the fact that I felt like I was surrounded by people who will positively influence my future. I'll end this post with a corny Ice Cube cliche, "Today Was A Good Day"


PS: To my new blog followers, thank you and what up?

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