Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Thoughts 3/22/10

-my shoulder is in excruciating pain
-How To Make It America is my $H!T!!!
-John Robinson aka Lil Sci is one of the realest rappers I know
-speaking of rappers I know, what up FWMJ
-I got some really encouraging words this morning after someone listened to The British Invasion for the first time
-too much new music to record...
-I've been a studio rat the past few weeks, which means tons of new music to unleash on the world
-DAMN, My shoulder hurts!! I need a massage
-RTNC and I have a very dope and eclectic project we're working on
-I'm driven like never before, but doubt is starting to creep in
-I keep reminding myself of that damn Drake line, "Never forget the moment you began to doubt, transitioning from fitting in to standing out"
-I've been teaching myself new things so I don't have to rely on others
-Potential...I'm looking your way. Still got love for you homie. LOL
-I'm not sure if I missed anything by not being at SXSW
-maybe I did, but it felt like NY just went down to Texas
-you know, like Miami carnival
-Oh well....that all
-Oh no single & video coming soon!!! YAY for me!!!

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