Friday, December 4, 2009

Random Thoughts.......

-People take Facebook waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously; deleting you because of their association to another person. We're not in grade school folks!
-My attraction to Keri Hilson would mean nothing if she wasn't understanding
-Peace to the homie Amir, who I had a great night building with. Steven too
-Alcohol can bring the truth out of people
-"I see I said"
-My 1st video diary may either offend or hurt someone
-Peace to Bille & Jay of MadONLY
-I'm excited about releasing The British Invasion
-Silver is the next big producer in music!! Mark my words...
-I appreciate all my people that ride out with me
-It's unfortunate people no longer respect the brilliant writing of The Simpsons because they're Family Guy'd out!!
-I'll soon be able to announce news that with make people either hate, envy, regret they tried to play me, or be incredibly proud
-Shouts to my new manager; we're taking this "to the bank"
-"to the rest of y'all throwing shots at Shake/ You only get half a bar, FUCK y'all fakes"

1 comment:

R said...

you know someone told me they can no longer associate with my fb page bc a certain person is on my friendlist and can access my page.

the funniest part is that these are two dudes in question.

rsvp me for one those ppl who will be extremely proud of you (throws the ken thumbs up)