Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It Desreves To Be...

documented. My homie, Junie of NQM, & I let out an emotional back and forth freestyle via Facebook. This is what we can up with

Me: "matters of heart can feel like plane crash / 1st you high, then you caught up in flame's wrath/ the fall of dynasties like Jay-Z and Dame Dash/ guess I was high off the fumes of the plane's gas"

Junie: ""if life is like blinking / then i won't / they say i gotta live it like my last / but i don't / not afraid but too preoccupied / what with i want to do / not thinking about that everyday drive / that i take / mentally, no break / took a gable without goodbye / shouldn't bet the high stakes"

Me: "I should've settled for a slice of the pie-cake/ instead I wanted it all, and now I ache/ I cry, but I admit that I make/ mistakes just like rest of them, I'm just a man/ so why can't you accept that I'll adjust the plan/ correct my wrongs through record-songs/"

Junie: cause at least i cant lie when the mics on
life got its hand around my neck
squeezing it out like a python
i think better when i stop time
cause only then i can press rewind...

Me: "but I fight to move fast forward/ if it's venus vs mars, I'm pass orbit/ I guess this is life's lesson in crash courses/ I wasn't prepared for the ride, nor the fast horses"

Junie: life's a Olympic race/every jump higher the last/hope to God i dont trip on a hurdle/standing in place on a shooting star/looking up like/i wanna be where you are/i can process from the rest where i'm going/one foot then the other/

Me: when I gaze at the stars, I look up at my mother/ I shouldn't be selfish, cause she doesn't have suffer/ in a weird way, it even made me tougher/ tougher than leather like RUN DMC/ I realize in life, you can't run with your feet/ so I run with my heart and I'm baring my soul/ and I soar with my with wings, leaving my fears in the cold

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