Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I see I said

What are you in it for? I know why I'm here, and I know what I want. I'm in it to win!!! After a great night out, I can't help but look at the game a bit different. I was taken back to a time where I was "that dude", and regardless of where I was, I was respected. For quite some time, I thought that was lost.... but it wasn't. As my dude told me, "I have to mend a few broken hearts". That all. I left strong impressions on good people that are still down for me, and it's my turn to make it up to them. I owe that to myself and them. They bought into an idea, and we all deseve to see the actualization of that idea. They knew what it was, they know what it is, and with my newfound focus, nobody's touching me. So good-bye to the doubts, good-bye to the dead weight, and hello to success!!! I'm taking off with no baggage


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