Monday, October 26, 2009

What A Show

All I can say is that after last night's performance, I can't see myself performing without a band from here on. It was cool to play with the crowd in a way like I've never done before. Having a band just lends itself to improvisation, and that type of freedom while performing is new to me. I was nervous because I've never done it, and that was also compounded by the fact I was doing new material too. Despite having a hoarse voice all week and the mic being nervous, the crowd was visibly receptive. It was great to see people literally dance to songs off my upcoming project "the British Invasion". It was just a phenomonal show all around. I have to give huge props to Saretta Wesley, Yah Supreme, and Nakia Henry, who absolutely bodied it. I'll have pics and vids up soon hopefully.

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