Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friend Request : Denied

I've been slow to come around, but I'm finally using all the major social networking sites. Thing is, I can't stand them... well not completely. Over the past few days I've been giving serious thought to my personal criteria for "friendship" on these sites. So if you are uninitiated but happen to come across this blog entry, please give it a read before friend requesting me.

I really dislike one, and rarely update anything including music. I may check it from time to time, but not enough to consider myself truly on it. My major gripe with Myspace is that it's a free for all. Anyone, and everyone (which usually consists of upstart musicians with artist pages) want to befriend you. I'm not upset at the selfless promotion, but if you're going to ask me to be a "friend", you should at least message me. I hate all these blind requests which are followed by spamming unimportant bulletins. I stopped adding people after the 600+ mark, and I don't understand why I should see anyone's single bulletin posted 20 consecutive times. So if I do know you, and you'd like to be my friend on Myspace, you should 1)message me and 2)not post senseless bulletins.


Now this one I really do like, and that's because it does everything Myspace failed to do. Not only do you get "friend suggestions", but you can actually trace your relationship to people based on mutual friends. So despite my page not working right now, I'm frequently on FB. It just happens to do everything right. You can see everyone's updates/statuses and they aren't intrusive. You can easily communicate with all your peeps and actually rest assured they're your peeps. I can't pinpoint any one thing that makes it great, but it just seems to work. If you'd like to friend me, search me by gov't name. ALSO...join the fan page.

I was definitely late to the party on this one, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I questioned the functionality of Twitter altogether because I can already tell people what I'm doing with my FB status. However, over the past few days I've realized the difference. People are overly obsessive with their tweets. 1) I don't care what color pajamas you're wearing, 2) I don't care about every artist/song title in the playlist you're currently listening to, and 3) I really don't care for your sports anchor-esque play by play recap of whatever function your at. Now I am guilty of at least one of these things, but I have since learned better. I've come to the realization that just because I may "friend" you on FB doesn't secure me "following" you on Twitter. Actually, I'm aiming to follow only 100-150 people total on Twitter. Whereas Facebook has a way of re-uniting old friends which makes me smile, Twitter can easily remind you why you lost contact or grew apart in the 1st place. So if you choose to follow me, cool. If I choose to follow you, and you one day realize I'm no longer following you; don't take in offensive. You can probably assume you gave away just a tad bit too much information too often.

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Ms. Liryc said...

Um, I do the play by play thing while I'm watching sports on Sunday.. its not my fault its just that I'm talking to those ppl who watch the Giants with me.. UGH.. ok I'll stop.. LOL LOL LOL