Friday, July 3, 2009

Real Talk

So its MAAAAAAD early in the AM, and I'm listening to old demos of me and my folk. I can't shake the thought, "Damn, we've been doing this a long time together." Its wild because as close as I am to both these people, I feel incredibly distant from them. We've been through so much together, whether bogus shows, car accidents, birth of babies, losing family members, making music, and everything else that came in between.

Its crazy because I've gotten into more arguments with "real" girlfriends about the girl in the crew than I have any other girl I know!!!JOKES!!!! Now my dude, we've admittedly been through our growing pains. Things is, despite everything, he's always been there AND looked out!!!

I don't attribute this feeling right now to simple nostalgia, but knowing that both these people have very special places in my heart. Regardless of what we go through though, I love y'all. Hopefully y'all know that. I guess at the moment I'm more overcome by missing them.

*Note to self: BE A BETTER FRIEND: check on Dre & Elijah

Its wild because they've not only shaped me, but have been there at so many significant moments. Thank you

BTW, I'm listening to "Hopes & Halo".... most of y'all won't know that song unless you were in the studio when I recorded it.

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