Friday, March 20, 2009

When God Speaks You Listen

I know I haven't been blogging alot lately, and even this entry should have been done a few days ago. Any away, "Here we gooooooooooooo"

Blessing 1
"Once upon a time not long ago" we (Protractorz & myself) had our final meeting before we shoot the video to our next single. Following the meeting we went to eat, but things became rather interesting. Although the director and his partner came with us to eat, they decided to leave before our orders came out. Granted, at 1st I thought, "damn, we can build more on the video", but them leaving was for the best. It allowed JB, Richard Gear, & myself to really build, and iron whatever grievances we had as a squad. Ultimately we left motivated, but most important of all, we had more clarity on our situation.

Blessing 2
On our way back to BK, we run into none other than Buckshot and Steele of the almighty BCC. Now if you don't know, Buck is one of my favorites and I credit him for mastering what many rappers do now; harmonizing. I even told you that months ago. So I dap both of them, and introduce myself to Buck. Craziest thing ever though....he knew who I was!!! I'm like, "DAMN!!! Buck knows me." Now I've been at radio shows and we've seen each other in passing, but we never really spoke. He's always a dude I've admired so much, that I think the fan in me never gathered the courage to be like "what's up?". Even as we spoke, I told him this. As many shows as I've rocked, as many blogs that co-signed, as much respect as I get, it was still bewildering that he could specifically cite where he knew me from... and that was DOPE!!!

Blessing 3
Now I ran into another kid on the way home that I've know for quite some time. We've never been like buddies or anything, but I've known him well enough to chop it every time I see him. So why is it, this was the 1st time we get into a discussion about music? I dunno, but come to find out he's a singer/songwriter, and he plays guitar! Madness!!! Thing is, he's ILL. He played all of 45 seconds of a song on his iPod, but it was enough for me to know that I need to work with dude.

Point is, I felt like the entire day had one very consistent theme which was music. It was inescapable, and it followed me everywhere I went. For this reason I felt God was speaking to me through everyone I encountered and all the events that took place.
Oftentimes, we forget to listen to the obvious and instead over-analyze things. Well I listened and my ears are peeled.1

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