Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Goodness

While talking to a friend about music, somehow the conversation was steered in the direction of "goodness" or what is "good"?. It was such an interesting discussion because it involved everything from my childhood experiences, to my philosophical readings of Plato and Aristotle to the idea of the human condition.

It was incredibly profound because for the 1st time in my life, I realized that "Good" or "what is Good" transcends any singular experience. Whereas Plato argued that Goodness itself exist, Aristotle took it a step further and looked for the "highest good". Without getting too deep into either of their philosophies, I ask you to think of a song that touches your heart. Next, the taste of your favorite food, followed by the smile from a person you think is beautiful. Aren't all these things "Good"? Fuck it, let's keep it real...they're great. Point is, we've always known what was good regardless of what shape it took or how it manifested itself. There lies the key folks...that's the human condition.

We all share this innate ability to know, feel, and recognize what brings us happiness, and in turn we label it "Good". The question is why do we try to deprive ourselves? Why do we deny it? At 5 years old, I knew cookies were good. At 9, I realized rap was good. At 19, I realized love is good. Then why is it, that in adulthood, I find myself running away from what is good? Better yet, why do I feel good things are running away from me?

We've all heard the cliches, "God is good" and "God is love". When you break them down, they couldn't be truer. I've already explained that we have an innate ability to know what is good because it transcends any singular experience. Doesn't that equate to God. Same for love. In its presence, all things created, and in its absence, all things are destroyed.

I ask, are you down to fully embrace what is "good"? Its not about philosophy, its not about religion, its not about music, its not about selfish desires... its about that feeling we've all shared and known.

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Jay Bird said...

What's GOOD Shakes? :)
On the flipside of this quandary you posed, is the illusion of what's good.
As a misguided teen, I dabbled in drugs, and thought that the weed and the drinks made me "feel good" in my physical reality. My spiritual reality was not "good" -
I had no connection to God, no direction in life, no true happiness within. So I cleaned up and got with God, got with people who can support me and started doing the things in life that truly made me feel good. You're right my man, that connection to God is central to one's peace.

Anonymous said...

really profound!!

Vee (Scratch) said...

Thanks for sharing this one.

Some times I fall back and just appreciate all experiences, whether minor or major. Taking nothing for granted and simply allowing myself to be.

At the end of the day, I can complain about trivial issues concerning my job. Or I can be the guy stressed about looking for employment while trying to handle my day-to-day affairs. Or I can plan and set myself up for a better tomorrow and smile knowing that it will happen.

That's whats good and keeps me at peace. Again, thanks for sharing.