Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Real Chance of Love

I'm actually happy with how it ended. I expected Cornfed to win, and here's my rationale behind it. For one, she seemed genuine. Secondly, and most importantly, she stroked his ego. Anyone remember the episode where Real took the girls to get massages? Well the fact that she was the only one to offer a massage showed she's a "giver" and self sacrificial. That in itself sort of sealed the deal in my mind. So women, here's some advice. The way to a man's heart is not through his stomach. It definitely helps if you can cook a good meal, but make him feel like a "man", and you'll have him forever.

I've once heard from a girl, stroke a dude's D***, and you'll have him for the night. Stroke his ego and you'll have him for a lifetime.

Relationships are about finding people that will complement you, not compliment you.

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Anonymous said...

Though I am not a fan of the stupidity that is reality television, I must say that the end of this post is very intuitive. Reason being, many women forget that at the end of it all a man is a man and to keep him you have to let him be him!!

A woman can or should be independent and co-dependent. In terms of her being at his side when he needs her but also be at the for front when he's not able to.

The problem is that things have gotten a bit misconstrued. Some don't understand the relevance of having a man commit to his manly roles, and a woman playing her womanly roles.

The song "upgrade you" by Beyonce was taken out of context, what she meant in her song was that she was there to aid him in his rise to the top not make him better cause she's above him. I think you may need to talk about this more indepthly..

Good post!