Friday, November 7, 2008

The President Elect

"I don't care what the naysayers may say
but I swear Barack Obama is the gateway
to black kids not following everything Jay say.
Not Jay Smooth, but Jay-Z or Kay Slay.
Not trying to sell drugs or AKs.
Not trying to act thug just to save face.
It'll be acceptable to pass 8th grade,
high school, college, and get an MBA
without ever shooting for the NBA
and I'll choose that option on any day"

-Destiny (Election '08)

November 4th marked a historic moment that will go down in the annals of world history. I've heard some people say "this election was easily the most important in their lifetime". Others have said "Obama winning is the realization of Dr. King's dream", and while I agree, I'm not surprised he won. President Elect Obama represents so much to so many, but the reason he won was simple. He embodies the spirit of a changing society, a changing world, and ultimately hope for a better future.

When an official government website url is entitled change, it becomes blatantly apparent that you're dealing with a man of the future. The paradigm has shifted, and all the archaic conventions of previous politicians, their practices, and fuckery are behind us. Similarly to Tupac, I am not going to prematurely call him a God-send, but I will admit that he is one with the times which keeps me optimistic. He seems to be on the pulse of everything that's relevant, and seemingly understands the needs of people. Whereas George W. played on our insecurities after 9/11 to secure another term, Barack seems to have a certain sincerity that has captured us all.

I'm hopeful for the changes that may be brought about during his tenure in office, but I'm most excited about the social impact he already has and will continue to have. So many times I've walked from the train station home, which is in the hood, and I see interracial couples. I usually think to myself that this is a beautiful sight because, at least in my estimation, we're 2 generations removed from a world where race will be a moot point. Although racism will still exist because there will always be extremist, we live in different times. We live in a world where technology has broken geographic and communication barriers which really creates "the melting pot" we've so long heard of. There's a kid in Queensbridge right now listening to French Hip-Hop, and chatting with a friend living in Russia who he/she has never met, but they are bound by similar interest. Barack Obama is like the physical manifestation of this very notion. He embodies the movement towards a focus on humanity rather than individuality, and that to me, is the key.

On an micro level, Barack as President will have a positive impact on inner city children. I've always said that Hip-Hop has a way of instilling ambition in people that come from situations that would likely not. However, its a misdirected ambition. Its ambition to be like a rapper, an athlete, or a false caricature of what they think a businessperson is: a hustler. For the 1st time in a while, we have someone in the spotlight that is willing to embrace their status as a role model and assume responsibility. For this reason alone, he gets my co-sign. Although it already exists, there will be an increased number of children growing up in poverty that will no longer see entertainment or sports as an easy out, but rather aspire to be politicians, journalists, psychologists, teachers, plumbers, or any other self respecting profession.

Part 2 of this blog-essay coming as soon as I collect my thoughts. 1

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