Saturday, October 4, 2008

Throwback Vol. 7

You know how I do on the weekend...
Here's quite possibly my favorite posse cut ever. Go ahead and debate, who rocked hardest. Kane or G Rap?

Here's another gem. Before he was Khadafi, he was Tragedy the Intelligent Hoodlum. Plus his dancer was easily one of the best of his time....he was nuts.


Mega Big & Tall said...

Shake, my man G-Rap had the Symphony on smash....up until Kane came with "put a quarter in ya' ass 'cuz ya' played ya' self!"....Game Over!LOL

The Incomparable Shakespeare said...

real talk, G-Rap crushed. I have to agree, until Kane said that one line, G-Rap murdered it. "I put out more lights than a fight with Con Edison." C' could they front.