Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Crazy Video Game Goodness

Well, in the past few weeks I've gotten increasingly excited for Wii's 2009 line up. Tenchu 4 looks fun. Conduit is gonna be crazy. Mad World is gonna rock. Punch Out will own my life. Muramasa: Demon Blade looks gorgeous, and its 2D. No More Heroes 2...goodness gracious, my favorite Wii game is getting a sequel. Finally though, if you don't look at the links to any other game I've mentioned, you must watch this "TRAILER" for the new Street Fighter/Capcom vs ? for Wii. I NEED THAT!!!


Dao said...

i gotta get me a wii... i would love me some street fighter action.

im just afraid i wont get any music done at all...

Vee (Scratch) said...


GTA-China Town Wars is coming for Nintendo DS. I'm copping that!