Tuesday, October 21, 2008


If you've been paying attention with the blog scene, you must have noticed I've dropped 3 new mixtapes relatively quickly. "The Miseducation of Franklin Rossman" officially debuted on September 5, and here we are, 3 mixtapes later on October 21st, and I'm prepping my next one. Thing is, I don't know if this next project is going to be a mixtape at all. As much much as I love the concept for the "homage series", I think it should be left as a trilogy. I mean, c'mon...everything we love these days comes in 3s. Well that's neither here nor there, but I'm beginning to think I should debut my collaborative EPs. You ask, "What the hell is a collaborative EP?" Well its basically a project where I work with a single producer or production team, create original masterpieces, and throw it out in the world. Coming off of "A Shakespearean Premier", I think its actually a logical transition, but I dunno..

So what do you think...
new homage mixtape or collab EP?
help a brother out


Dao said...

collab EP w/ Digital Dao!

...just throwin that out there... shit would be dope. i'm always workin, too. producing, writing. its all better than the best. lol. but seriously.


DJ Daddy Mack said...

I think that is a great idea. I'll look forward to that and the joint with BK.

Anwar Billy said...


thatgirl said...

either one would be hot. Just keep pumping out that hot shit my dude!